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Reinstate the 90-minute Calvinography Program to NYSCís Group Exercise Curriculum

To: All NYSC Management


Calvin Wiley’s signature 90-minute Calvinography program, the most popular dance exercise
class within the New York Sports Club (NYSC) group exercise curriculum, has been removed
from NYSC club schedules effective March 30, 2011.

In a city and culture where one’s gym membership and instructor affiliation tend to be
ephemeral, it is important to consider that for almost 13 years, Calvin Wiley has consistently
presented a favorably unique situation for NYSC by building a strong community of members
whom have stayed loyal to NYSC because of the Calvinography dance exercise program. The
program also has had a consistent attendance of over 45 NYSC members per session, most of
whom have incorporated this class at least twice a week to their fitness routine.

Not only has this 90-minute dance exercise class helped a lot of members become fit and
maintain their goal weight through the complexity, diversity and quality of the exercise
movements involved, Calvinography has also helped members gain more self-confidence, learn to assert themselves effectively, focus on their goals and find the motivation to stay healthy.  Very few clubs can offer a group fitness program that is able to effectively deliver such promise to its students the way Calvinography does. It is unfortunate to see that number diminish further.


We, the undersigned, call on New York Sports Club management to reinstate the 90-minute
Calvinography class as a group exercise offering within the NYSC curriculum as soon as

We, the members of New York Sports Club, believe in Calvin Wiley’s proven ability to lead,
motivate and commit to his students through the Calvinography dance exercise program. We
believe that the elimination of the Calvinography class will disrupt the fitness routines and
overall well-being of NYSC members affected by this change.

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