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Signatures for Reinstate the 90-minute Calvinography Program to NYSCís Group Exercise Curriculum

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1 JohnStanley  
2 carloiyog  
3 TrudiRussell I am a member at NYSC and losing Calvin as a dance teacher is such a great loss for me. It would be a shame for everyone to lose out. The members losing an amazing dance instructor and the gym losing its members.
4 nadinematthews  
5 JonLu Bring back Calvinography!!
6 Wah-MingChang I love Calvin!
7 LeslieWoodruff My membership is up for renewal in April and Calvin is the reason I joined NYSC!
8 RiaBinaoro  
10 ZoisaSimmons Calvinography is a vital component of my fitness routine. This class is equally beneficial to the mind, soul, spirit and body. I strongly believe Calvinography should once again be offered at NYSC.
11 OdinakachukwuEhie  
12 DeborahZaken  
13 KatieCatalogna  
14 AlisonYoung  
15 VeraTse  
16 DonnaKnipp Calvin is the reason I'm a member of NYSC!
17 ChristopherAnderson Calvin is the reason I am a member of NYSC. As a dancer of 20+ years, you know when you have something special. You can replace as many classes as you can muster, but it will never be Calvin. Termination fee or not, I will move on for my fitness program.
18 AndrewSotomayor  
19 JosephChapin  
20 AfuaOkyere This was by far the best class (dance or otherwise) I have taken. I have been with NYSC for a couple of years and haven't felt this much enthusiasm and excitement for an exercise class. I found the class beneficial in many ways.
21 ArielleKatzman  
22 RonDizon  
23 GretchenValerio Please bring Calvin back!
24 LamontMundell now!!!!
25 AlisonCourter  
26 FrankAparis  
27 MikeStewart  
28 SabrinaGates  
29 KitWilliams If there is no Calvin then there is no reason to keep my membership that expires April 15, 2011
30 MichaelSwee  
31 OliveStrait Bring Calvin back, please!!!
32 ErodneyDavis  
33 LillySypher Calvinography is the main reason I joined NYSC. Please bring Calvin back!
34 verabuonora I am a guest and I tried Calvin's class once and I loved it. If Calvin's class is canceled, I will not become a member of NYSC.
35 RachelBeck  
36 AndrewProvenzano People love him and his classes way too much to have him pushed out by corporate nonsense... it's the only reason people join the gym; for many.
37 HallieParker  
38 PatriciaCollins Calvinography is a great dance class for NYSC! Please reinstate asap or I will reconsider my long-standing membership!
39 KishmaTilley Please bring back the 90 minute Calvinography dance classes. They are the highlight of my week and the only reason I stay with NYSC.
40 DeborahMelita Calvin's class is practically the only reason that I have kept my NYSC membership.
41 MarielleMendoza BRING BACK CALVINOGRAPHY! Please.
42 StefanieScott The reason I renewed my subscription to NYSC even during this downtunrn in m income was because of this premier class. Please do not make me regret this decision.
43 TacoraBeasley Cutting this class was a major error.
44 Phakisocollins We need this class back at NYSC, seriously. To call it valuable is a grave understatement. The energy, tools, workout, love, laughs, affirmations,self esteem build, community and just JOY we all get from stepping foot into Calvin's class is paramount!
45 Shannon (Shea)McMillan "It's not personal, it's business" is regularly followed. However, this is personal & not very good for business. Most learn about Calvin through word of mouth(free advertising!) & become regulars which is great business! So please, reinstate Calvin!
46 JenniferHoddinott I joined NYSC mainly because this class existed. I have yet to find any comparable class at a gym (yours or elsewhere).
47 ShannonStowe  
48 MarissaBarrera Calvinogrpahy is more than just a 90 minute exercise class, its a COMMUNITY! Marissa aka Cathouse
49 DavidCarmon  
50 joshschoenfelder calvin is the best!
51 LizaKramer  
52 AdamCohn  
53 JoshuaScanlan please don't cancel it!
54 franyork Calvin has brouhght in more conrinuing long-term members than any of the other instructors I have taken at NYSC in my 15 yar plus membership. You must bring him and BOTH 90 minute classsess back. He is a gem that you and I need.
55 SarahCarberry Calvin is an institution of NYSC! I am leaving the gym if he is not reinstated. Thank you for your attention. Warmest, Sarah
56 William "Ben"Nowell I have been a NYSC member for more than 4 years now. Please don't give me a reason to cancel my membership. Keep Calvinography going!!
57 BenedickCruzado  
58 JeanneFinnerty Bring Calvin Back! We all need great classes at the gym! Calvin Rocks!!
59 TylerShaqiri I am shocked that the class has been removed. Please restate the classes ASAP.
60 DeepaAmbekar Bring Calvinography Back!!!
61 RichardMizak I've been a member since 2002 and basically have taken no classes. Calvinography was the first class I've ever taken, enjoyed and recommended to friends. It really is a very special environment and not something that can be easily replicated.
62 KatieMoser  
63 CaitlinRamos  
64 LindsayElder  
65 LaurenLynch  
66 MilaSergeeva I am from Russia. And Calvin is the BEST !!!!
67 MitchellFerrino Calvinography is the only reason that I go to NYSC as I belong to another gym, but I keep my NYSC membership only because of Calvin. I truly hope that this class will be reinstated.
68 marymccormack  
69 kokoduran  
70 KhalyleJones This is one of the primary events that get me through the week
71 NatalieMauro  
72 AmiGradiy  
73 LindaPugliese  
74 lilahloughran  
75 ErinK This is the best class at NYSC. It could lose membership if the class is canceled.
76 KalishaB Calvin is the best!
77 joeyjohnson I am not sure why this class would be removed that is just absured. This class NEEDS to be on the schedule. Enough said. Thank u
78 LysiaNieves I'm shocked that NYSC would cancel one of the most popular dance fitness classes in their schedule! Are you trying to drive members away?
79 JohnSquires  
80 juliefloersch  
81 KendraKemerley Calvin is the BEST. No one will ever be able to replace the level of talent, expertise, and experiences that he uniquely brings to the members. I strongly advise that NYSC reinstates the 90- min dance class. Don't cheap out on your top instructors!
82 ClaudiaVilbon-Jonsan  
83 elizabethtannenbaum I have been a member for over a decade and Calvin's class is an essential part of week, exercise routine and overall well being. It is the main reason I'm such a loyal member to the club. Without this class, I will likely end my membership.
84 amypinsky As a member of nysc ... pls don't take this class away!
85 MyrnaBrady Mr. Wiley truly inspires and changes lives through exercise. I hope this petition will at least enable management to see how much the company's mission statement resonated in Mr. Wiley's classes and manifested itself in the members.
86 kerrystewart  
88 EloquentSpires Bring Back the Calvinography Program!!!! Bring Back the Calvinography Program!!!! I do not mind paying more for Equinox fitness club if Calvin is not brought back.
89 roseloftin Calvin has been an inspiration in so many of our lives. Please do not attempt to divide us from the instruction of our lives.
90 SarahGrimaud  
91 lanierbrown  
92 DavidGanulin I know Calvin personally and I know of his incredible talent and zeal for what he does. I am not sure of the politics behind this, but I'm truly hoping those in charge on the group ex side re-consider. . .or at least chat face to face to work things out.
93 ericcapulong  
94 stephenmoore I am surprised and baffled as to why such a Popular Class would be removed from NYSC. This action only penalizes the dedicated instructor and the Loyal Members who attend the class... but it makes no sense to me.
95 MicheleHaller Calvin Wiley is a wonderful teacher!!! Please bring him back - he is one of best in the business in terms of well-designed class formats that combine fitness conditioning with dance movement! This may affect my decision of whether/not to stay on at NYSC!
96 AnthonioOrridge This is one of the best classes I've attended at NYSC. And it is disappointing that it is no longer available. My Tuesdays & Fridays are not the same with out it. I would like to see it back just the way it was.
97 AndrewCastillo  
98 KerriFord  
99 KarlaChee-a-tow Please reinstate the class. Because I know that a lot of people are members of NYSC because of Calvin's classes. Therefore there is a huge possibility that if his classes are not reinstated you will loose a lot of members.
100 DirkMeyer Please bring the class back... It is the best...